Video Explaining Appraisal Process to Property Owners



 502 Media Group TEAM Consulting, LLC and have produced an award-winning video that explains the fair and equitable appraisal process. This clear and concise tool provides a quick and convenient way to deliver your message.


Video Answers Common Questions About Appraisals



As an appraiser or assessor, you spend countless hours answering questions and fielding appraisal appeals from taxpayers. With each question, it’s undeniable that there is widespread confusion about the appraisal process. Often taxpayers are unclear on exactly how aassessor and appraisers determine a property’s worth. This confusion can lead to unnecessary misunderstandings.


We have created a solution that is more effective than presentations, brochures or phone calls: 


A custom-branded animation that explains this process in terms that are easy for anyone to understand. The video can be uploaded to your website or your YouTube channel for easy access by your property owners. There are two versions - one using the term appraiser and a version using the term assessor.  Both versions are available in English or Spanish. See for yourself! Preview the English version of the "Appraiser" or "Assessor" version. To view the Spanish version to YouTube click here.


Let the Video Do the Explaining


Our goal is to help communicate the assessors and appraiser’s role in determining fair property values. Our video breaks down each part of this process to clear up any misunderstandings that may exist around property appraisals. Assessors, Appraisers and property owners alike will appreciate the easy-to-understand information.


Save Time: Yours & Property Owners’



Fielding questions and processing appeals from taxpayers takes time. Using this video to answer common questions frees you to focus on other demands of your job. 


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