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Business Partners

TEAM Consulting LLC is proud to be a Business Partner with these Industy Leaders.



The Sidwell Company
The Sidwell Company is an industry leader of GIS solutions for cadastral mapping and land-records management, and a provider of aerial photography, software development, and photogrammetric services. Already well established in the Midwest as a regional firm, Sidwell has become a name recognized on the national GIS level with the success of their Parcel Builder™ product. Parcel Builder is an extension to ESRI®’s flagship GIS software, ArcGIS® 9.3. Sidwell has been recognized as a Foundation Partner by ESRI multiple times (in 2003 and 2008), which serves as testimony to the company’s commitment to providing premier GIS solutions and services using ESRI technology.

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Pickett & Company, Inc.

Pickett & Company, Inc. appraises complex properties including Industrial Facilities, Public Utilities, Gaming/Resort Real Estate, Petroleum Reserves, and other Special Purpose Properties. With over eighty five years of continuous experience, Pickett offers ad valorem taxation appraisals on behalf of Schools, Towns, Counties, and States. There are other uses for valuation engineering in which we may participate– such as Insurance, Risk Management, Condemnation, and Financial Planning.

Our experience spans Texas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Wyoming, Mississippi, North Dakota, and other states.

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Lexur Appraisal Services is a professional service company formed in 2005 to perform appraisal work for local government. Our principals have over 100 years of experience in the mass appraisal industry, and our appraisal staff has over 850 years of appraisal experience. Since its formation, Lexur has served over 1.4 million parcels. Lexur’s services include:


  • Reappraisal Services

  • Virtual Data Verification (VDV)

  • Annual Property Maintenance

  • Statistical Valuations Updates

  • Appraisal Consulting Services

  • Market/Income Modeling


Our new Virtual Data Verification (VDV) solution uses the latest “cloud” technology to enable our experienced staff to verify a property’s attributes without having to send an appraiser to the field. VDV meets the IAAO standard (3.3.5) as an alternative to on-site inspections and is a true integration of jurisdictions’ existing resources. Lexur is the industry leader in remote data verification services with over 1.1 million parcels verified using remote data verification techniques.


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Contact information:

Phone – (888) 430-4495

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