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Richard Norejko, CMS

77 Elk Ranch Trail
Candler, NC 28715


Richard Norejko, CMS

Over the years, Rick Norejko has been acclaimed by students for his ability to untangle the assessment cadastre and recreate the historical connection of real property law, property assessment and the ownership of property in America.
The recipient of numerous accolades for technical articles and teaching, Rick can make the subject of a county cadastre understandable.
He is a nationally recognized keynote speaker, lecturer and teacher in the field of cadastral mapping. He has over forty years of experience relating to all aspects of cadastral mapping. He has co-authored IAAO (International Association of Assessing Officers) Course 600 and authored Courses 601,650, 651, and 854. In addition, he has published technical articles in the Fair and Equitable magazine. 'Rick' has served in committee work for various organizations, is an IAAO Senior Instructor, Instructor training reviewer, the CMS designation grading chairman, the 2001 IAAO Member of the Year recipient, 2003-2005 IAAO Executive Board member, former chairman of the nationally recognized GIS/CAMA conference, and past president of the North Carolina Property Mappers Association.

Course Price
Course Duration
The Assessor's Cadastre-The Rest of the Story
2 1/2 Day (New 2014)
The Assessor's Cadastre-The Principles of of Property Law for Appraisers and Cadastral Mappers
2 Day (New 2014)
The Assessor's Cadastre-The History of Land Ownership in the United States
1 Day (New 2014)
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