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Senior Housing Valuation Workshop – 1 day (Revised 2017)
Author: Brad Eldridge, MAI

The Senior Housing Valuation Workshop provides an overview of and valuation guidelines for the four main types of senior housing (Independent Living, Assisted Living, Skilled Nursing, and Continuum of Care Retirement Facilities). The seminar also addresses Alzheimer/Dementia care units in the various property types. 

Specific topics include: Property Rights; Components/Allocation of Value; Ownership Types; Market Analysis; Property Data and Analysis; Cost Approach; Sales Comparison (Market) Approach; and Income Approach. Due to the fact the valuation of senior housing properties are income driven, significant time will be spent on the Income Approach to value, with emphasis on the collection and analysis of rent, occupancy, demographic, income/expense, and capitalization rate data. Examples include single property and mass appraisal applications.

Valuation of Senior Housing

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