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This material was designed for in-classroom use and is less conducive to self-study.  Purchasing this material will give you access to several files that are utilized in the classroom setting that are geared to stimulate classroom discussion over a two-day workshop.


The material addresses the characteristics that determine construction quality for residential properties by use of the Marshall & Swift Valuation Service. House images will be included in the PPTs material.  Actual construction costs are used as a guide to determine quality. 


Images are also using to determine ratings on homes for condition in relation to the definition and description for each condition rating. The determination of condition will lead directly into calculations for effective age.


Effective age is defined and demonstrated on how to extract it from the market. Several data sets will be provided to calculate effective age and how to use in the development of a depreciation or percent good table.

Residential Quality, Condition & Effective Age

  • The ZIP file provided includes several different files, including the workshop manual, power point slides and exams. Once downloaded, first, please read through the files titled:

    • Instructor Notes for Residential Quality and Condition
    • Residential Quality - Print Order

    These two files will help you get your bearings as you work through the material.

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