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The Assessor's Cadastre-The History of Land Ownership in the United States


1 Day (New 2014)

Self Study




Modern day local assessment offices are staffed with individuals who possess different skill sets and knowledge than deemed necessary even five years ago. It is through the taxation of real property that tax jurisdictions within the United States generate a majority of their revenue. The Assessor’s Cadastre workshop is designed to provide students with an understanding, and most importantly, a working knowledge of legal documents related to real property ownership and the rights associated with that ownership. Understanding real property law is critical to the valuation of parcels in conformance with generally accepted appraisal standards. This class covers real property ownership and tax assessment in the United States, as well as real property law, from the county assessment office standpoint.
The lecture will cover the following topics: the history of land conveyances; the history of real property assessment; understanding the various components of property transfers; the recommended order of importance of ambiguous legal instruments; how assessment staff should handle various legal deed and taxpayer requested abnormalities; redefining the relationship between the county’s recorder’s office and the assessor; how to acquire new imagery without using the county’s capital funds; the best business practices for maintaining and accurate and equitable real property assessment database.

Instructors available for this course are listed below. Contact them for more information about this course.

Richard Norejko, CMS
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