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TEAM Consulting, LLC is a group of assessment and appraisal experts who offer a wide range of professional services to government and industry. TEAM specializes in bringing new technology and innovative approaches to solving your assessment or appraisal problem in the most cost-effective manner possible, always striving to show a positive return on investment.

TEAM consultants have extensive experience in:

  • Assessment administration

  • Appraisal education

  • Reappraisals, mass appraisals

  • Market modeling

  • Real and personal property valuation

  • Cadastral mapping (GIS)

  • Public information programs

  • Ratio studies

  • Quality control

  • Tax policy

  • CAMA development and implementation

  • —and more

TEAM has the knowledge and experience to fit your every need. For information about how TEAM can assist you with a specific project, please contact Fred Chmura, AAS, Managing Member.

Valuation of Barndominiums Workshop

Purpose of this workshop is to provide some guidance and suggestions on the process of analysis and valuation of metal buildings converted to living areas.  What we call Barndominiums. These are structures that appear to be metal clad farm buildings but part or all the structure has been finished on the interior and used as living area. Some are used as temporary living area while the owners construct a new stick-built home, while others are built as a permanent residence. The framing can be pole or steel. This workshop is also available as a Self-Study Program

This workshop received a rating of 4.7 out of 5. Some student comments were:

  • The thoroughness of the course was much appreciated

  • Information and basics on how to value these structures

  • Very interesting topic on a house type we are seeing more of – loved all the examples

  • I can apply it all now